the ‘workers.’

we would have been in the crawl space.  it was just a matter of time.

we would have been in the crawl space. it was just a matter of time.

My son refers to the contractors who are working on our master bathroom the ‘workers.’

Let me take you back a couple months. My son and I were out in the driveway talking to the neighbors who have had a ton of work done on their house. In passing, I mentioned to them that we were getting ready to start a bathroom reno project and I was looking for a reputable contractor. Without hesitation, they told me to give their guys a call.

Next day. The doorbell rings. Who the?!?! Two contractor type guys (you know the type – a little scruffy, wearing old t-shirts, khaki shorts, boots, and both super cute) were standing at the door. There was an immediate introduction. “Hi, I am Andrew and this is my business partner, Mike. We spoke with your neighbor who said you may have some work that needs to be done around your house.” He continued, “We just wanted to leave you our card in case you were interested in our services.”

My initial thought – are you kidding me? A contractor who is proactive enough to come over just to drop off a business card?! Amazing. So, I did the obvious – “Hi – wow! I’m thrilled. I was going to try and get your number from the neighbor. Do you have time to do an estimate right now?” The answer was, “Sure, let me get my pad of paper from the truck.”

I had already received an estimate from another contractor who came highly recommended. So, I was curious to see how their pricing compared. Well, less than 30 minutes later, I had signed the contract and paid a deposit. Their estimate came in ~$600 less than the other guy.

Before I knew it, the demo had begun. It’s been a bit of a wild ride (as wild as a bathroom renovation can be, that is.) What started as just a simple floor and countertop replacement project has now evolved into a complete overhaul, due to some hidden water damage. This bathroom renovation project is coming to an end and I have actually found myself thinking up additional projects for them to work on, so I don’t have to see them go.

Both Andrew and Mike have been nothing but friendly, innovative, accommodating, funny, great with my son, willing to do extras around the house (e.g. balloon removal from ceiling fans – yes, fans). Did I mention that they do fabulous work at a competitive price?!

So, despite the tagline of my blog – bad service. I would say I am receiving stellar service and if you are looking for trustworthy contractor, look no further.

Southern Pines Contracting (named after the tree, not the town.)
Owners: Andrew Cunningham and Mike Evans

Check back for the ‘after’ pictures.

At this very moment, I am baking a cake for Mike, the ‘worker,’ who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow by grouting.


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