Toilet Talk.

As you know, we are doing a bathroom renovation at our house. (And, when I say ‘we,’ I obviously mean, ‘they.’) One of the last things to install is the new toilet. So, off we go to Lowe’s to pick out the toilet of our dreams.

Gross. Who likes to pick out toilets? In fact, picking out just a toilet seat is one of the grossest things one can do, so imagine how I feel about picking out the whole thing! Yes, I’m super weird.

We get to Lowe’s Home Improvement and are immediately greeted at the entrance. We head to the plumbing department and are stopped by a friendly Lowe’s associate who asks us, “Can I point you in the right direction?” We explain that we are in search of a porcelain God, he directs us to the correct department. (We did know where to go, but super sweet of him.)

There we were. Standing and staring. It is as if one of the toilets was going to speak to us. “Buy me, buy me! I’m 16 1/2″ high, I can flush a million golf balls at once, I save gallons of water per flush…” Are we being hypnotized by toilets?

To make a long story relatively short, I want a 16 1/2″, all porcelain toilet. Well, apparently this is hard to find.

An associate, David, comes over to help us. I point to what I want, but explain to him that the seat is plastic and I don’t want plastic – could he tell me what my options are? He says, “Pick out the toilet you want and then pick out the seat you want. I’ll deduct the cost of the seat from the toilet.”

I’m thinking… “Seriously? You are going to give me something for free? So, un-retail of you!”

I follow him to customer service and he rings up my toilet, the seat, deducts the cost of the seat, hands me my receipt, and says, “The toilet and the seat will be ready for you to pick up whenever it is convenient, just let your contractors know to come to customer service.”

The whole process was less than 15 minutes.

David. Plumbing department at Lowe’s on Lynn and Glenwood. Ask for him.


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One Response to “Toilet Talk.”

  1. swellmama Says:

    Awesome! I never have luck getting help at home improvement stores … often chasing after the people wearing aprons. Will def pay David a visit the next time I need help. Thanks!

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