just a thought.

I’ve had my share of…

Me: “Hi, how are you?”
Them: No response.
Me: “Uh, okay, can I get…?”

That brief interaction with a server/teller/cashier/customer service rep/etc… really makes me angry. Usually, I bite my tongue to keep from saying what I really want to say which is: “I SAID hello, how are you?” (In a tone that is not the most pleasant.)

I wonder – is it really that hard to respond? Are you so scripted that you don’t have a response? Are you that miserable? Maybe you don’t think I really care? Maybe you didn’t hear me? Maybe you’re mad because I’m just buying one small item? Maybe you just had a fight via text message? Maybe today is your last day and you just don’t care?

Who knows?

I have discovered that not only does bad service exist, but bad people exist, too. One scenario, that I am sure you are familiar with, goes like this… The friendly associate greets the customer with delight – as if that customer is the only customer in the whole entire universe. The customer stands there like a deer in headlights and does not know what to do other than proceed with whatever he/she is there to do.

Does the customer think he/she is too good to talk to an associate? Is the customer on the mobile phone? (Rude, btw.) Perhaps the customer is so used to bad service that he/she assumes that the associate wasn’t even speaking to him/her.

I know all of you have seen or experienced one of these.

Can this circle be broken?


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