martin and osa @ crabtree valley mall.

I’ve been pretty unsuccessful at the mall recently. I see some stuff that maybe could be cute, but I just don’t feel motivated to try it. Well, I had a coupon and a gift card to Martin and Osa and thought I’ll give it a try. Again.

This time… success!

I found a cute ribbed blue (aviary blue, to be exact) cardi that will be perfect for the fall. The sweetest girl, Rachel, helped me. She was exactly what you want in a salesperson. Not pushy, not in your face, friendly, obviously there to do her job, and do it right.

I’ll be calling to let the manager know how much I appreciated the service Rachel provided and, because of her, I plan to go back. (Probably for another cardi. Yes, I’m a cardigan addict.)

Check back for my next post re: my visit to Banana Republic. You’ll be shocked.


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2 Responses to “martin and osa @ crabtree valley mall.”

  1. swellmama Says:

    Uh oh. Love the Banana. So curious to find out if your experience was good or bad.

  2. Smemala Says:

    I am surprised you didn’t write about tour infamous M&O trip with the most EXTRAordinary service I have ever experienced while trying on clothes. Did you see our friend again? I felt like Brooke Shields when we left…long lashes and white teeth, and all. Great blog, D.

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