the girl in the black cardigan.

Finally. I did it! I introduced myself to the manager at the Caribou. Her name is Diane and she’s a riot. I said, “I’m Heather, by the way, I come here a lot and thought I’d introduce myself.” She said, “I know. It’s nice to meet you.” “I know,” she says!? So, maybe people are noticing that I wear the same black cardigan everyday.

Many of my readers know that I spend at least 3 days a week (or more) at the Caribou and I’ve been doing this for almost a year. This will come as a shock, but I don’t really drink coffee – I just love the space and the music. They have great unsweet iced tea and delicious dark chocolate graham crackers.

The service here is always tip-top. The drinks are always good and if you are unhappy with your decision – they’ll make you something else. I’ve seen this happen a few times. So, this morning I ordered my regular, but they were out. Diane said she would brew some unsweet tea for me. I told her that I would come back to get it.

Well, what seemed like 5 or 10 minutes really was more like a half-hour. No drink. I realized I was getting thirsty and decided to go up and get my tea. Remember, I told Diane I would come back to get it.

She was shocked that nobody brought it over to me. So, she quickly fixed it for me and apologized a few times. I kept saying it really was not a big deal. She then gave me 2 coupons for a free drink – any kind, any size.

That was above and beyond.

NOTE: For the month of October, when you buy Amy’s blend coffee, tea, or merchandise 10% of the sale price will go to Susan G. Komen For the Cure. Click here to read Amy’s story.

Now, what high-calorie, delicious, frothy drink will I enjoy absolutely free?


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