dump. dump. dump.

As of last week, I am going to try and cook at least 5 meals a week. Yes, you read that right – 5 meals a week. As you may recall, I started this blog after I saw Julie and Julia. I’m not going to attempt what Julie did, but rather, attempt to make anything.

Being a busy mom of a toddler, I want something simple, healthy, and quick to prepare. But, I do want it to be delicious and if I can impress my husband – that wouldn’t hurt, either.

Since I share with you customer service experiences and product reviews, I figured throwing a recipe or two out there may be helpful, too. Especially to my other mom friends.

This is a super easy recipe and quick:

1lb tilapia (or whatever white fish is on special)
9oz baby spinach
1 jar (roughly 1 cup) salsa – drained
4oz crumbled feta cheese
garlic (I use ~ 1/2T of minced garlic)
olive oil (I use ~2-3T, but can’t be sure – I just eyeball it.)
1 box rice pilaf (Prepare according to box directions.)

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Heat olive oil and garlic in a 12″ fry pan.

When oil is hot, saute all the baby spinach.

Pour in the drained salsa and mix. (Honestly, I can never seem to ‘drain’ the salsa – so I think it’s fine not drained. And, more than 1 cup will work, too.)

Scoop 1/2 the spinach/salsa mix into a casserole dish.

Lay the fish on top of the spinach/salsa mix.

Scoop the remaining spinach/salsa mix on top of the fish.

Sprinkle the feta cheese all over the top. You can use as much or as little as you would like.

Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Serve over the prepared rice pilaf. Serves 4.


Note: I will title all of my recipe posts as ‘dump. dump. dump.’ in honor of my mother who always says every recipe she makes is as easy as “dump. dump. dump!”

How she makes it look so easy – I’ll never know. Maybe in time.


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