Charles Shaw for President.

We all know (unless you live under a rock) that the Trader Joe’s is now open in Raleigh. Conveniently, for me, it is right next to Costco.

I found myself getting very excited for the grande opening when I was recently behind a guy driving a red truck who was obviously a TJ’s fan. License plate cover, ‘I love Trader Joe’s,’ license plate ‘IHRTTJS,’ and bumper sticker ‘Charles Shaw for President.’ Seemed like overkill, but it made me laugh and excited to visit the new store. Maybe the driver was Joe. Or Charles.

So, I’m planning my big visit and I need your help. Here’s the thing… the last time I shopped at a TJ’s was in the late 90’s in Boston. I vaguely remember what I bought – Kiss My Face products being the main thing. I’ve heard there are delicious gourmet cheeses, cookies, dried fruits, frozen pizzas, and most importantly, great deals.

Please help make me a Trader Joe’s fanatic! What are your TJ’s recommendations?


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4 Responses to “Charles Shaw for President.”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Definitely get the Two Buck Chuck (aka Charles Shaw). Their pizza dough is great– it’s about a $ for whole wheat dough that you can roll out and make pizza. Their breads are awesome too. Oh, and spices are killer cheap there! One more thing (sheesh- maybe I need to get over there soon), GET THE MOCHI. It’s a Japanese dessert– they are little ice cream ball things. SO tasty!

  2. merranie Says:

    i think many of the veggies are a great deal, they taste great but don’t last as long so you have to eat them up quickly.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Oh, how I love Joe. Trader Joe, to be exact. Here are some of my recommendations: Freeze dried mangos (or, “mango crack” as I like to call it- thy are instantly addictive, I can’t get enough, and a “hit” is less than five bucks), frozen Mandarin Orange chicken, the frozen cubes of minced garlic, their frozen green beans and corn are fantastic and taste fresh, of course Fage, Applewood smoked bacon, Toffee Almond cereal is sweet and sugary and delicious, those little boxes of cherry tomato sized heirloom tomatoes, frozen Gnocchi Sorrentini…there are so many good things at Trader Joe’s. I have been pleased with nearly everything I have bought. It’s awesome that one has opened closer to me. BTW I love your blog 🙂 Great writing!

  4. colleen Says:

    unfortunately, they don’t sell many products that aren’t theres. i used to buy mrs. meyers, kiss my face, etc.

    but…i am addicted to their greek yogurt, their unsalted roasted almonds, and omg omg omg their dried tart morency cherries. i’ll think of something else i’m sure but those are the things i must buy a huge supply of every week. i haven’t gone to the raleigh one yet; craig tried to and it was too crowded for him (which means there were probably about 30 people in the store!!!

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