10 things I discovered while having the flu.

10. You can make your soda last longer with a Bottle Top! Six for only $10 plus s&h!

9. The Swivel Sweeper cleans up wet vegetables. Right now, it’s BOGO!

8. The Million Dollar Listing and Tabitha’s Salon Takeover are two amazing shows on Bravo.

7. Keeping hydrated when you can hardly swallow is very difficult.

6. Watching Pretty Woman for the gazillionth time reminded me of when I shopped at Cameron Clothing and asked about a particular dress in the window. The associate’s response to me was, “That wouldn’t fit you.” Maybe she thought I actually was Julia Roberts.

5. It is possible to be so sick that you actually cannot watch a minute more of TV.

4. You never know what the fridge and pantry will be stocked with after you send your husband to the grocery store a few times.

3. Not eating for four days is a great way to shed a few unwanted lbs.

2. Making a casserole just got a lot easier with the Bullet Express – 3 payments of ONLY $33.33. A $480 value, in case you were wondering. It IS the amazing 8 Minute Meal Machine!

1. Listening to my husband and child laugh and play on a gorgeous weekend while I lay in bed is almost as painful as h1n1.


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One Response to “10 things I discovered while having the flu.”

  1. melissac24 Says:

    Awww- you poor thing! Glad you’re on the up and up now! I didn’t know #5 was possible!

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