coupon crazies.

We have all seen them. The coupon crazies. They’re in front of you in line at the Target and the grocery store – every time.

Yesterday I witnessed a woman with a full cart of Target goodies… toys, household products, clothes, art supplies, etc… Up and up went the total and then, right before my eyes, she handed over a stack of coupons.

Then there I was. Staring. (Ok, so I was staring the whole time, what’s the big deal?) Watching the total plummet. Her original total was at least over $50. Post stack-o-coupons the total was $8 and change.

To be honest, it kinda pissed me off. How can she do this and I can’t? What was her trick? So, being the shy person that I am… I say, “Hi. How’d you do that!?” Her response was short. In fact, too short. “Coupons online.” Uh, okay – can you be a little more specific? (Alright, that’s where my shyness comes in – I didn’t really push her for more details.)

Let’s be honest here, folks. We all want to be a coupon crazy. One of my friends has offered to give me a coupon tutorial. I plan to take notes and study her every print and cut. And when I save almost 90%, I’ll be sure to tell you.

And, don’t worry – I’ll share my secrets.


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6 Responses to “coupon crazies.”

  1. Jen Says:

    Ok, so I think I have become totatlly addicted to Target coupons in the like the past 3 weeks. The same thing happened to me only I saw it online. This woman took pictures of everything she bought and her total was like 1.05. So I started reading and she showed you exactly how to do it…it was amazing. The one blog that I follow is I think she lives in CA though I would love to find someone in PA to follow because the prices aren’t always the same. Let me know how you make out.

  2. Bethany G Says:

    Check out this blog… will open up a whole new world for you:
    I just found it about two weeks ago! It’s like a cult!

  3. Jake Says:

    Two places to start:
    The Grocery Game –
    News&Observer’s Sue Stock –

  4. Melissa Says:

    I second Bethany! o far, I visit Money Saving Mom’s site and Sue Stock’s from the N&O and have found all my coupons that way! I’m not quite as savvy as the lady you saw at Target though! But I DID have someone at Target ask ME where I got all the coupons from! And I gave her those two names. See, I’m not stingy– I share my secrets unlike the lady you ran into!

  5. Lindsay Says:

    When she said coupons online maybe she really meant that!! I use all of the time but there is also a website that is that links you to local coupons 🙂

    P.S. I’m a total Nordie’s girl too 🙂

  6. Amy Says:

    I took one of Sue Stock’s coupon courses last year – that was so helpful. I’m all about the coupons for groceries, but haven’t found the time to expand into online coupons. And I’d need to get my printer fixed for that. Also agree that Saks kind of sucks!

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