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officially nord’s girl for life.


Let me start off by saying, I’m lazy. I did this to myself. I’m mad at myself. Regardless… here’s the story.

I bought a dress in December from Saks Fifth Avenue. (Not linking to the store because I don’t want you to shop here or even be tempted by the site.) The dress didn’t fit. Rats. So, just like every other lazy person would do, I left it in a bag in my bedroom for the last month.

Well, Saks has changed their return policy. And, I learned the hard way. If you buy something you only have 30 days to return it. After that, you are out of luck.

The Saks in Raleigh is not super convenient to my house, so I rarely go out there. Today, I was meeting a friend there, so it was a perfect opportunity to bring the dress in to return.

The nice lady, Kelly, at the counter was apologetic and explained that the dress went on sale on Monday and she could only give me the sale price. Please note, I did have my original receipt. She was going to override it with the permission of a manager. Very sweet of her to ask. The manager said, “Well, she should have returned it last week.”

Uh, okay. Whatever. So, one big dress + over 30 days in my possession + shipping (did I mention shipping?) + laziness = ~$70 paid for something I don’t now own. I learned my lesson.

Nordstrom’s would never do such a thing. I always knew I was more of a Nord’s girl anyway.


the way car buying should be?


I was reminded of this particular incident today. (Don’t recall what triggered it, but regardless…)

A few years ago, my husband and I were going to sell our car. So, for kicks, we brought it to CarMax (in Raleigh) to see what we could get for it.

All was going smoothly. We give them the keys and wait while they look over the car, take it for a spin, and then decide what low-ball, offensive number they will unveil to us.

We wait in a small, non-descript office with a computer, 3 chairs, and a salesman. (Usually I would say ‘salesperson,’ but in this case, salesman seems appropriate.)

He begins to try and sell us on the CarMax ‘way.’ Now, don’t get me wrong, it is a genius concept for those who just want to buy a used car and pay the price. (No pun intended.)

However, isn’t the idea that there is no pressure and no negotiating? Well, this guy was lecturing us on the reasons why going to a regular dealership and buying a new car is a horrible idea. Basically, pressuring was his sales style.

Being someone who likes to give my opinion, I explain to him that I’ve never owned a new car and am excited to get one. I explain politely that I have bought at CarMax and was pleased in the past, but was excited for the thrill of a new car. The smell, the odometer reading less than 10, no scratches, the sound of your feet on the plastic wrap on the carpet, peeling off the film that protects the stereo… Well, you get my point and I thought he did, too. Apparently not.

The conversation came to an immediate halt after this:

Him: “Here at CarMax, you don’t have to deal with pushy sales people and you never have to negotiate.”

Me: “I actually really like to negotiate.”

Him: “Well, women are not good negotiators.”

True story.

I will not recommend, nor re-visit a CarMax. Ever.