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there are no words, wednesday.



10 things I discovered while having the flu.


10. You can make your soda last longer with a Bottle Top! Six for only $10 plus s&h!

9. The Swivel Sweeper cleans up wet vegetables. Right now, it’s BOGO!

8. The Million Dollar Listing and Tabitha’s Salon Takeover are two amazing shows on Bravo.

7. Keeping hydrated when you can hardly swallow is very difficult.

6. Watching Pretty Woman for the gazillionth time reminded me of when I shopped at Cameron Clothing and asked about a particular dress in the window. The associate’s response to me was, “That wouldn’t fit you.” Maybe she thought I actually was Julia Roberts.

5. It is possible to be so sick that you actually cannot watch a minute more of TV.

4. You never know what the fridge and pantry will be stocked with after you send your husband to the grocery store a few times.

3. Not eating for four days is a great way to shed a few unwanted lbs.

2. Making a casserole just got a lot easier with the Bullet Express – 3 payments of ONLY $33.33. A $480 value, in case you were wondering. It IS the amazing 8 Minute Meal Machine!

1. Listening to my husband and child laugh and play on a gorgeous weekend while I lay in bed is almost as painful as h1n1.

clean up, lane 1.


I do love Chick-fil-A, but have cut back recently. However, today the cupboards were bare and my stomach was growling. In fact, I think I heard it say, “eat more chicken.” But that could have been my imagination.

Just picked up G from school. He didn’t appear to be falling asleep in his car seat, so I thought it’d be okay to make a quick swing through the drive-thru.

I place my order and slowly drive around the turn to the first window. You can tell by the looks of the curb that many are in a rush to get to that chicken sandwich.

There is a trash can. Placed right on the turn. Just at window height. It’s like they knew that I had a can of d. coke in my cup holder taking the place of my new, fresh, bubbly, fountain d. coke that I’m about to get.

I take the can out of the cup holder and throw it into the trash can. Oh no! I totally missed the trash can. Are you kidding me? I was not a full 12″ away. The car door was even too close to the trash can for me to open it and pick the can up. (BTW, I know, I know, I should be recycling the can. Don’t judge me. Hmm… maybe this was a sign.)

I was talking to my doppelganger, A, on the phone while this was all happening. I say to A – “OMG, I’m such a jerk! What should I do?!” We decide that I just tell the lady at the window. Of course, being a Chick-fil-A employee, she was very nice and told me not to worry about it at all – she even laughed along with me. Or maybe at me.

No lessons learned here – just a funny story about me and my d. coke.

NOTE: On Thursday, November 5, receive a FREE chicken biscuit or chicken sandwich when you donate at least 3 non-perishable food items to participating Triangle area Chick-fil-A restaurants. All donated food items will benefit the Durham Rescue Mission, the Raleigh Rescue Mission, or a local food pantry.