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just one, please.


I didn’t realize how liberating it would be to say, “Just one, please.”

If you read my happiness is: guest post on Pretty*Swell, then I’m sure you have been eagerly awaiting this post.

Whenever I hear that someone in my family is eating alone – I feel so sad. So sad, in fact, that I almost start crying. (I know, I’m ridiculous.) The crazy part is that they are not sad at all about it – they love it! It gives them time to read or write alone. No distractions.

I have no problem doing things alone. I’m independent. Really. I swear. There is just something about eating at a restaurant alone ::gulp:: that I just can’t handle. (BTW, that ‘gulp’ was a pun. Intended.) Maybe I’m such an extrovert that it pains me not to be interacting with someone… Anyone! If I’m working on my laptop and eating, it’s cool. I’m cool. My computer is my security blanket. And with IM, Twitter, Facebook, etc… I’m only one ‘h’ and one ‘i’ away from a convo.

So, I was eating alone as I wrote this post. It was done the good ol’ fashioned way – pen to paper. And guess what? I felt great about it. The food was great, the service was great, there weren’t any distractions. And, I kinda liked thinking that people thought I was writing something wicked important.

Do any of you like to eat at a restaurant alone or perhaps need to overcome the fear like I did?

My next feat. Going to the movies by myself. Gasp!


wordless wednesday.


Riding the mechanical bull at the Hebrew National Hot Dog Day!

a poll.


Hi readers,
Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and its focus. It seems that people really like to read personal interest stories. However, I’ve been focusing on product reviews and customer service experiences. I’d like to know what my readers would prefer.

This poll is easy. Just comment with A, B, or C.

A. I love to read about what’s good and bad – products, stores, restaurants, recipes, etc…

B. I’m a junkie for personal stories especially when it comes to life as a mother.

C. I’m interested in both – the personal stories about motherhood and the reviews.

Thanks for taking the time to take my silly poll. I look forward to writing and sharing phase two of my blog.

lame blogger.


Dear All,
My apologies for not being on top of this blog. But, boy do I have a lot to tell you about! Especially product reviews.
I’ll be back at it very soon. I promise.


the goal.


I have been toying with the idea of blogging for months.  Not sure why it has taken me so long to start.  Well, a close friend just started her blog and another friend is about to start hers.   And, to be completely honest, I was a bit inspired by the movie Julie and Julia.  So, here is the first post.

Here’s my story…

I am the mom to a hysterical 18-month old, a wife to a fab husband that puts up with a lot, a sister to a rock-star, a daughter to supportive, generous parents, a full-time employee at an innovative company, a part-time employee at a kitchen store, and a friend to kick-ass people that I consider family.  

Just like everyone, I don’t have much free time.  And, I don’t have the patience for really bad service.  In fact, I would say I’m obsessed with stellar service and don’t understand why it is so hard to get it.  That’s where this blog comes in.

My goal:  To provide you, the reader, with my first-hand (and occasionally second-hand) service experiences at all types of establishments in the Raleigh, NC area.  Everything from retail, restaurants, local vendors, products, etc…