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review… The House in the Night.


I’ve decided to begin a new category – reviews. I enjoy posting about my customer service experiences, but, hey – let’s face it – I haven’t been getting out much. So, this way I can share with you all of my favorite (or least favorite) products. Anything that catches my fancy or something that I REALLY advise you not to use/buy – stuff for mommies, kids, dads, pets, grandparents, friends, etc…

So, that all being said. Here’s my first review. A bedtime book that has become my go-to.

The House in the Night
Susan Marie Swanson (Author)
Beth Krommes (Illustrator)
$9.35 at

This book is absolutely beautiful. The illustrations, the words, and even the paper stock. It just feels nice. It is written in a way that makes you read it as if you are a professional storyteller. No matter your style, it just flows. With the fabulous illustrations and the simple, yet descriptive text, you are immediately transported into this comforting, warm, loving home.

It’s short and sweet. Perfect for an “okay-this-is-the-last” book.

Anyone else have this book? If so, do you give it high ratings?