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My sweet G has had 9 ear infections in the last 7 months. If I had known that we were going to be dealing with this in November, I would have done things differently. I think that is the overall theme to parenting, “ahhh… if I’d only know.”

Here are the reasons why G did not get tubes:

*When kids turn 2, they tend to outgrow them. He turned 2 in February.
*Spring was on its way.
*He started taking Xylarex. A non-antibiotic that is supposed to reduce ear infections.

Here are the reasons G is getting tubes at 6am tomorrow:

*He has woken up between 1-4 times each night since November. He’s tired. We’re tired.
*Spring is here. No change.
*I will not pump any more antibiotics into this poor child.
*He is always messing with his ear and says, “ouch, ouch, ouch.”
*I cannot see him in pain anymore.

So many people have said it’s life changing for the child. I’m not counting on anything. I don’t want to get my hopes up. Pssst… I will let you in on a little secret – I am kinda getting my hopes up. But, please don’t tell anyone – I don’t want to jinx it.

Our appointment is at tomorrow at 6am. Please think of me, my sweet husband, and, most importantly, G.