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local raleigh review… mobley’s shoes


You’d think my child was Imelda Marcos with the number of shoes this kid has. However, kids’ feet grow so fast- you are buying a new pair of shoes as soon as the blisters are healing from the last pair. Ok, so that was a bit exaggerated – you get the point.

So, if you are buying shoes – why not shop at a local Raleigh shoe store. Try out Mobley’s Shoes.

I went there last week for the first time. G has been stompin around in his light-up Puma’s that are black, grey, and have a red puma on the side. The red puma’s skeleton lights up when you walk – my husband and I thought they were pretty rad and asked if they came in adult sizes. They don’t, FYI.

We typically shop for my son’s shoes at Nordstrom, but didn’t have the time to run out to Durham for a pair of Easter shoes. (Yes, I am a liberal Episcopalian, but I even thought black sneakers for the church’s Easter egg hunt was just not right.) I decided to check out Mobley’s since my close friend, Suzanne of Pretty*Swell, said she shopped there and had been pleased.

The salesperson came right over and asked G if he liked a shoe he was holding. He was so sweet and patient with him. G took to him right away and tried on a pair of shoes after having his foot measured.

I was hoping to find a plain pair of white vans. When I say plain, I mean vans with a guitar on them – duh. They unfortunately did not have those, but I did buy a pair mostly because G seemed to be comfortable in them. And, it was a tad bit entertaining to see him look for the shoe to light up – they don’t.

The price: Pretty standard. They did have a great sale rack that had shoes as low as $19.95. They also have a frequent buyer card. Buy 6 pairs of shoes and the 7th is 1/2 off – up to $20. And when you buy a pair of women’s shoes over $100 – your card gets 2 stamps.

The brands: To be honest, I didn’t check out all the brands. I remember that they had Danskos and Rainbows for women. Keens, Keds, Stride Rite, and Bucks (is that the brand? man, those shoes rocked in the early 90’s) for kids.

Here’s where they are located:

Mobley’s Shoes
7422 Creedmoor Rd
Raleigh, NC 27613-1639
(919) 518-1640

One of the best parts of this shoe store – it’s right across the parking lot from Ben and Jerry’s. Nothin’ says a perfect day like a new pair of shoes and an ice cream cone.

NOTE: I am writing this because of the wonderful, personalized service I received at this store. I did not receive any discounts or monies. (I’ve always wanted to use the word ‘monies’ in a sentence. Who knows if I used it right – who cares – it was fun!)